Selected Publications: as Author
‘Folding Techniques for Designers’ Laurence King Publishing, London, UK (Spring 2011)
Translated into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and 3 versions of Cantonese.  A special Hebrew-English edition was published in Israel.
(Officially a ‘Bestseller’.  Considered the standard text on folding and design.  Used extensively by students and professionals)
‘Structural Packaging’ Laurence King Publishing, 2012.
Translated into German, Spanish, French and Italian
(a step-by-step method for creating strong, self-locking volumetric structures)
‘Promotional Novelties’ Laurence King Publishing, 2013.
Translated into German, Spanish, French and Italian
‘Cut & Fold Techniques for Pop-Up Designs’ Laurence King Publishing, 2014.
Translated into German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian
(fundamentals and math of creating one-piece pop-ups)
‘Complete Pleats’ Laurence King Publishing, 2015
Translated into Spanish, German, Mandarin and Japanese
‘How to Make Repeat Patterns’. Laurence King Publishing, 2018

Selected Exhibitions
‘Into the Fold‘, Science Museum Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
CODA Paper Art Biennale, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
‘At the Edge’  Third Biennale of Israeli Paper Art.  Eretz Israel Museum
‘Origami Universe‘  Chimai Museum, Taiwan
‘Paper: Folded, Cut, Sculpted‘  Jaffa Museum, Israel
‘Above the Fold: New Expressions in Origami’.  D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts,    Springfield Mass (8-person show).  Will tour a minimum of 11 Museum venues in the USA, to 2019
Installation of 2.5m cube in the atrium of the Teacher Center, Herzliyya, Israel
‘Surface to Structure: Folded Forms’  Cooper Union Museum of Science, New
York City, NY, USA
8th Triennale Internationale du L’Art Papier, Musée de Charmey, Switzerland
‘Paper Art in Israel 2’.  Eretz Israel Museum, Israel
‘World Pop-up Art’, National Museum of Design, Seoul, South Korea.  Exhibition currently touring a minimum of 4 cities in South Korea
‘PaperWorks’, Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, Mass, USA
Exhibition from the book ‘Folding Techniques for Designers’.  Mediatheque Library, Design Museum, Holon, Israel

Major contributor to the multi-award winning documentary about the art and science of origami, ‘Between the Folds’ (2008: Green Fuse Films, NYC, USA), describing his work with paper.  Among other awards, the documentary was awarded the prestigious 2010 Peabody Prize for Broadcast Excellence.


Co-founder and developer of ‘Origametria’, a method of teaching curriculum geometry using origami.  In 2017, the e-Learning version of Origametria was accepted into the curriculum of the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Teaching: 1983-2009
’From Sheet to Form’ courses and projects run on over 80 MA, BA (Hons), HND, Foundation and ND Courses, across the UK.
Courses visited include Fashion, Industrial Design, Product Design, Textiles, Architecture, Graphics, Jewellery, Product Design, Ceramics, Packaging and Fine Art.

In Israel
, 2001 to present:
Shenkar Collage, Ramat Gan, Israel
Dept of Fashion Design 2001 – present (3-4 hours per week)
Dept Textile Design  2001 – present (4-9 hours per week)
Dept of Environmental Design  2006 – 12 (4 hours per week)
Dept of Jewellery Design  2008 – present (3 hours per week)
Dept of Product Design, 2001 – present (private help to many students)
Mechlelat Hadassah, Jerusalem, Israel
Dept of Printing and Computer Design  2004-7 (5 hours per week)
Mechlelah HaMehnal,
Interior Design, 2012-3 (4 hours per week)

Teaching Outside Israel since 2005:
Brigham Young University, Idaho, US
(Rexburg ID, 2017)
Lincoln University
(Lincoln, UK, 2017)
Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA)
(Tallinn, 2018)
Aalto University
(Helsinki, Finland, 2016, 2017, 2018)
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
(Boston, MA, 2014)
Northeastern University
(Boston MA, 2014)
Casa del Lector
(Madrid, Spain, 2014)
University for the Arts (UdK), Berlin (2013)
(School of Architecture)
School of Art, Granada, Spain (2013)
(Teachers of Art & Design from the region)
‘Textile Support’, Pavia, Italy (2013)
(Professional designers)
‘Dictum’, Bavaria, Germany (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016)
(Courses for designers)
Design Institute, Lahti, Finland, (2012 and 2013)
(Packaging Design)
ESDA College of Design, Zaragoza, Spain (2011)
(Mixed design courses)
London College of Fashion (2008)
(Fashion Design and Marketing)
Ghent University, Belgium (2008)
(Dept of Architecture)
Weissensee HS, Berlin, Germany (2007)
(Fashion Design)
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (2006)
(Textile Design and Dept of Chemistry)
Fachhochschule fur Gestaltung, Schwabisch Gmund, Germany (2005, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018)
(Visual Design, Product Design)
Casa del bel Libro, Ascona, Switzerland (2015, 2016)
(Courses for designers)

Other teaching includes:
Sir JJ School of Architecture, Mumbai, India
Museum of Philology, Jena, Germany (lecture)
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Mediatheque, Holon, Israel
Wilfrid Museum, Israel
British Museum
Victoria & Albert Museum
Crafts Council of Great Britain
Royal Festival Hall
Art in Action
International Craft & Hobby Fair, UK
Japan Matsuri Festival, London

‘Special Guest’ at Conferences
2019    Origami Mitra, Mumbai, India
2018    Korean Origami Association, Seoul, South Korea
2018`   Japan Academic Origami Society, Tokyo, Japan
2017    Pacific Coast Origami Conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2017    British Origami Society, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
2016    Interactive Architecture, Lisbon University, Portugal
2015    Origami Deutschland, Bonn, Germany
2014    Origami Didaktiks, Freiburg, Germany
2010    Centro Diffusione Origami, Verbena, Italy

2017    Sidney French Medal ‘for outstanding contribution to origami’.

Selected Commissions
2018  3-week Origami Festival, Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv.  Designed 120 jungle animals 1-2m wide that hung in the mall.  Also designed kits of paper-engineered jungle animals for 15,000 free public workshop participants.
2016  Design of 4 models for IAI (Israeli Aerospace Industries)
2016  Design of origami cow as the ‘hero’ for the Strauss-Elite ‘Origamoo’ campaign for the ‘Chocolat Parah’ (Chocolate Cow) brand of chocolate, Israel’s best-selling chocolate.  Featured as a TV commercial, pop-up ads, in-store PPS displays.
2014  Design and manufacture of a 15cm-high mass-produced die-cut cardboard model of ‘The Cardboard Bicycle’, invented by Izhar Gafni.
2011  Designed and built a 3.2metre ’Sleeping Beauty’ origami castle for Disneyland Paris, displayed on St Pancras railway station, London, to celebrate 20 years of the resort.
2011 Designer of all the effects and props in a stop-frame TV commercial animation for Clal insurance.
2010 design and production of 2,000,000 origami and paper engineering kits inserted into children’s ‘Shtuzim’ yoghurt and breakfast products.  For Tneuva Ltd, Israel.  Also featured on TV commercials, internet, etc.
2007-8 Orange calendar, Israel
2003-5 Designer of the European Packaging Awards

Other clients include: Citroen, Hewlett Packard, British Airways, Lets Go! City Guides, BBCtv, Royal Shakespeare Company, Sanyo, Vogue Italia, Harry Potter (movie 3).

Thomas Heatherwick Studio: London.
Lecture and workshop. 2017
The XD’s
Design think-tank sponsored by Accenture and Barclay’s Bank. 2015
Mead West vaco, Richmond, VA,
Packaging Design.  2014
Tetra Pak (Malmo/Lund, Sweden)
Co-winner of world-wide design competition to work on a closure for the new Tetra          Pak ‘Evero Aseptic’ carton. 2014HumanGear (USA)
    Part of a small design team to create collapsible tableware. 2014
KWY (Berlin)/Arup (London)
Pleated roof-forms. 2012-13
Siemens AG
    Various projects.  London, Munich, Erlangen.  1983-1991
Nike Inc
Design work on shoes and other sports apparel. Portland OR, Hong Kong 2001-4

1997-99  BA(Hons) Packaging Design, Swindon College, Cranfield University (winner of  the Cranfield University prize for Academic Excellence)
1979-81  MA in Fine Art, Dept of Experimental Media, Slade School of Fine Art, University College London
1976-79  BA (Hons) Fine Art, Lanchester (Coventry) Polytechnic
1975-76  Foundation Course, Preston Polytechnic

1956  Born Leeds, England
2000  Married Miri Golan (Director of the Israeli Origami Center since 1992)
2001  Moved to Israel